The 9 Areas in Your Office that Need Cleaning Services the Most

The 9 Areas in Your Office that Need Cleaning Services the MostSome not-so-obvious spots in your office can often get overlooked. Here are some areas in your office that need cleaning services the most.

Cleaning the office space is one of the ways to keep to keep it safe for employees and other occupants. For office and property managers, cleaning areas like the floor, carpet, walls, and furniture is an obviousendeavour since it is easy to see that these areas are dirty./p>

However, less visible areas or those that blend with the office environment tend to be forgotten. Dirt builds up and might mess with the commercial value, aesthetics, and general safety of the office space. It is advisable togive every part of the office equal attention when cleaning./p>

Here’s a quick list of places that need thorough cleaning on a regular basis.

1. Handles

Covid-19 taught us the importance of cleaning common surfaces, especially those almost everyone comes into contact with. Handles on sink faucets, windows, doors, refrigerators, or coffee makers are used by nearlyevery employer, most of whom don’t wash their hands all the time./p>

Handles are an easy way to spread germs and should be a priority in your office cleaning activities using antibacterial wipes regularly (once a week). Also, provide hand sanitizers and encourage employees to cleantheir hands regularly./p>

2. Furniture and upholstery

Office couches, tables, cubicle partitions, or chairs “lie” and hide unrecognisable dirt. You are likely to ignore them during cleaning. The truth is that all this furniture is a hiding place for germs and dirt like oil and dust. Seek professional cleaning services for your furniture regularly to keep them safe and long-lasting./p>

3. Ventilation spaces and ducts

Fans and air conditioners move air around, accumulating large amounts of dirt and unnoticeable debris. Ignoring or irregularly cleaning ducts, vents, the AC unit, and fans gathers dust, mould, fungi, and other small particles that blow around the office, putting your employees’ health at risk./p>

4. Handrails

People have a common habit of holding handrails on escalators, elevators, and staircases, making them a vast breeding area for germs, viruses, or bacteria. People don’t wash their hands regularly enough and easily transfer diseases through handrails./p>

Well, handrails are entirely unavoidable. You need cleaning services for the rails every two days, supply the office space with hand sanitizers and encourage employees to sanitise and wash their hands thoroughly to avoid spreading diseases./p>

5. Computer, keyboard, and mouse

Most office and commercial building managers forget to clean office computers and their components like keyboard, mouse, and monitors. Employees tend to use this equipment without washing their hands, spreading germs, viruses, mucus, and bacteria, thus infections like flu and the dreadful Covid-19.

Food crumbs can also stick between keyboard keys and attract bugs. Use cotton swabs and air compressors to remove dust and crumbs from your keyboard, mouse, computer, and monitor. Then disinfect them with antibacterial wipes and remove germs.

6. Lights

Lights are a neglected area that you, as an office manager, property manager, or business owner, are likely to forget to clean. It is advisable to clean any dust off your fixture and fluorescents regularly.

7. Curtains, folds, and blinds

Do not forget to clean your curtain and blinds when cleaning the windows. You don’t have to wait until they have visible stains and avoid spreading unhealthy dust around the office.

8. Office telephones

Like computers, mice, computers, handrails, and handles, office phones accumulate dust and germs since most employees touch them. Clean telephones with antibacterial agents and cotton swabs to ensure they are safe for everyone.

9. Microwaves, water Dispensers, and coffee pots

Employees love their snacks and some hot coffee. They tend to abuse the microwave and coffee maker throughout the day. Spillages and food crumbs attract bacteria and other germs that could end up affecting people at the office.

Spills also destroy these critical office pieces of equipment, which you will be required to replace at a cost.

Hire professionals

You may endeavour to clean your office space, property, or business area in the best way you can but end up leaving out some spots. Professional cleaning services are there to make sure that every space within your office is spotless. Contact /a>our Toronto office for the best and affordable cleaning services./p>

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