Ask a Commercial Cleaner: Best Tips for a Cleaner Workplace

Ask a Commercial Cleaner: Best Tips for a Cleaner WorkplaceLooking to make your office or facility a cleaner place? Here are 5 pro tips from a commercial cleaner for a safer, immaculate workspace.

A clean working environment offers a myriad of benefits to employers, along with their employees and clients as well. First impressions are always important, and potential customers are likely to return to an establishment that makes a notable effort to maintain the appearance of their physical surroundings. Employees are more likely to be happier, project a more positive demeanour, and experience fewer sick days when they work in a healthy and clean environment.  

1.     Establish a routine and reduce clutter

Hiring a crew that works for a commercial cleaner only for special occasions is not enough to ensure a building’s appearance will stand out from the crowd. Any build-up of rubbish, especially food-related items, can easily allow a rodent problem to develop. By establishing an expectation or routine for consistent daily, weekly, and month cleaning, companies are much more likely to stay in control of their working environment, instead of allowing unwanted critters to rule the day.

Limiting personal items that employees may keep in their work areas can help cut down on clutter. Encouraging people to frequently use the office shredding machine can help cut down on paper clutter as well. The reduction of clutter also makes it easier for cleaning crews to perform their tasks of dusting, straightening items, etc. 

2.     Designate an area for food consumption

When customers and clients come into an establishment they really don’t want to see sticky candy bar wrappers and food containers. They also have the potential to create an inviting environment for rodents and other pests such as ants. By restricting food consumption to designated areas such as a break room or dining area, the cleaning staff will have a much easier time vacuuming and wiping away food particles and spills. 

3.     Daily dusting, vacuuming and mopping 

Having a crew from a commercial cleaner perform these tasks on a daily basis can help maintain a building’s appearance in the following ways

  • Mopping reduces floor grime carried in from outside foot traffic
  • Regular dusting and vacuuming improves air quality (especially for those sensitive to dust)
  • Removes dirt and grime that can detract from a customer’s overall experience

4.     Improve air quality

Companies can help improve the air quality of their establishment by installing air purifiers and making sure their HVAC equipment is well-maintained. Mother Nature can also provide her own natural cleaning elements when employees are encouraged to pull back the curtains or blinds and open a window (provided the weather cooperates). This allows the sun and wind to naturally disinfect and freshen indoor spaces.

Employers can also buy plants and place them around their physical spaces. Not only can indoor plants act as natural air cleaners, they look beautiful and add a touch of warmth to their surroundings. 

Hire a professional team

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