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Proudly serving Southern Ontario, we provide customized carpet cleaning services for businesses of all shapes and sizes.


Exceeding expectations in commercial carpet care

Clean carpets contribute significantly to the overall aesthetic and air quality of your workspace or residence, making a positive impression on clients and ensuring a healthier workplace for employees. Carpet cleaning also extends the life of the carpet, protecting the investment and reducing long-term costs associated with premature replacements.

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Encapsulation Cleaning

This carpet cleaning method involves the use of a rotary machine to apply a specialized solution that effectively traps dirt particles within a dry residue. Ideal for commercial environments, encapsulation cleaning is advantageous as it allows carpets to be used immediately after cleaning, with no drying time needed. This approach not only keeps carpets cleaner for longer durations but also significantly reduces water usage, utilizing about 95% less water compared to traditional cleaning methods.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning employs either a portable unit or a truck-mounted system to inject a heated cleaning solution into carpets at high pressure. This method efficiently loosens and lifts soil and dirt particles, which are then immediately extracted from the carpet. Steam cleaning stands out as an eco-friendly choice, effectively minimizing environmental impact and substantially reducing the presence of allergens. This makes it a preferred option for those seeking environmentally conscious carpet cleaning solutions.


Transparent communication,
sparking results

At Grandmother’s Touch, we believe in delivering outstanding results and building trust through open communication and transparency. To ensure the highest quality of service, we:

Ensure top service through stringent hiring & training practices

Employ a strict quality control process

24/7 availability and support

Keep you informed every step of the way

By staying transparent about our processes, we not only guarantee immaculate spaces but also foster long-lasting relationships built on reliability and professionalism.


We are trusted by the best

Grandmother’s Touch is incredibly reliable and always shows up on time for work. Their staff take great pride in their work and never cuts corners. The cleaners pay attention to even the smallest details and ensures that everything is spotless and well-maintained. They are also very efficient in completing tasks and works well under pressure.

Kody Ade

Great team and very thorough. They are always checking in to ensure they continue to deliver a top quality service.

Stefan Overgaard

I have worked with Grandmother’s Touch in different capacities over the past 10 years in the condominium industry. They have “wow”-ed different Boards with their unique approach to cleaning and back end organization. From town homes, boutique style buildings to large towers, they have been able to consistently satisfy the customer

Martha Ramos

Cleaning services were impeccable and level of professionalism shown by staff was much appreciated!


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Grandmother’s Touch for the past 10+ years and have had nothing but outstanding service!! Grandmother’s Touch has always provided fast and efficient service, ensuring the job was completed on-time.


They provided professional service through and through from the quality of their cleaning to the responsiveness of their services staff, all for a very reasonable price. I have never had to worry about the cleanliness of my office and equally important, about its security.


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