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Mould Remediation

Mould can be a big problem in any building, but it can especially go from bad to dangerous when there is a high amount of moisture in the air or on a surface. Grandmother’s Touch has been a highly trusted commercial cleaning company in Toronto and the surrounding areas for almost 20 years. Our clients have benefited from customized services, including carpet cleaningwater damage restoration, and industrial cleaning services, with the highest level of customer service.

Mould Remediation Services For Toronto Area Businesses

Why should you choose Grandmother’s Touch as your commercial cleaning company in Toronto? Here are just a few reasons on why we offer the best industrial cleaning services and mould remediation services in Toronto and the surrounding areas. 

We Respond To Emergencies Quickly

We Respond To Emergencies Quickly

Our highly trained staff are fully equipped to handle all types of emergencies – including mould emergencies – in a professional and timely manner, 24/7, and won’t disrupt your work day. Without proper treatment, mould can spread to cause significant health effects to you and your employees, as well as possible damage to your commercial space. Thankfully, working with a mould remediation expert can significantly improve the outcome should you discover mould in your business.

We Use State-Of-The-Art Techniques & Equipment

We invest in the latest equipment and ongoing mould remediation training to make sure that we are offering our clients the highest quality of service quickly and effectively. Our staff are also IICRC certified to ensure that your place of business is also thoroughly cleaned when the process is completed in order to restore your business back to normal.
We Use A Unique Mould Remediation Process

We Use A Unique Mould Remediation Process

Every mould damage scenario is different and requires a unique solution. We pride ourselves in offering our clients fully customizable packages to solve each issue they encounter. However, there are some general steps that we take in each scenario that stay the same. The steps listed below illustrate our process:

  • CALL our EMERGENCY LINE (416) 985-4681
  • WAIT for help to arrive.
  • ASSESS and INSPECT mould damage.
  • CONTAIN mould
  • CONDUCT air filtration
  • REMOVE mould and mould-infested materials
  • CLEAN and SANITIZE affected area and contents
  • RESTORE your office to its original state

Contact The Mould Remediation Experts At Grandmother’s Touch

If your commercial or residential property has been damaged by mould, you need a qualified professional to help restore your business. Grandmother’s Touch specializes in mould remediation and industrial cleaning services, and we take pride in knowing that our clients trust us as a top commercial cleaning company in Toronto to quickly respond to any issues they may have. Let us restore your space and your peace of mind. Contact us today to get started.

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