Ask a Commercial Cleaner: Our Ultimate Office Cleaning Checklist

Ask a Commercial Cleaner: Our Ultimate Office Cleaning ChecklistA clean workspace leads to healthier, more productive employees. To ensure your office looks its best, here’s our office cleaning checklist.

A clean office is essential for a productive workspace. Not only can a dirty office lead to unhygienic conditions, but it also lowers morale. To keep your office glistening, check out our office cleaning checklist, which we’ve split into daily, weekly and monthly tasks.

Daily cleaning checklist:

These are tasks that need to be taken care of every day, otherwise, dirt and grime will start to build up.

  • Wipe off all computers at the start of the day to kill any germs and stop the spread of viruses. Computer cleaning wipes are a big help here.
  • De-clutter at the end of every workday. Encourage employees to throw out any waste and shred or file unnecessary documents. Food waste should also be disposed of to avoid any infestations.
  • Collect all recycling and garbage in the office.
  • Tackle the bathroom. This can be done several times a week, but daily cleaning is ideal. This includes disinfecting sinks, toilets and urinals, wiping all the common ‘touch points’ (like paper towel dispensers and doorknobs), mopping the floor, re-stocking all supplies and wiping down mirrors.
  • The kitchen is an essential part of any office cleaning checklist. For a sparkling kitchen, make sure you: disinfect the sink and counters, all appliances, inside the microwave, and tabletops and chairs. After that, vacuum/mop the floor and wipe down cupboards.

Weekly cleaning checklist:

These tasks can be done once a week and are essential for a healthy, clean office.

  • Maintaining a dust-free workplace is important, especially if any employees have dust allergies. Dust all horizontal surfaces at least once a week.
  • Disinfect all desktops and common touchpoints (doorknobs, light switches, phones, etc.)
  • Wipe down glass doors.
  • Vacuum and mop the floors.
  • Clean out the fridge. While not always noticeable, a dirty fridge can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Designate every Friday as ‘Fridge Cleaning Day’ and make sure your employees know to take home any leftover lunches by then.

Monthly cleaning checklist:

While these tasks don’t need to be done as often, they’re an important addition to any office cleaning checklist.

  • Dust all hard-to-reach surfaces, like door frames and light fixtures.
  • Dust all baseboards and power bars.
  • Dust any office plants. 
  • Deep clean your carpets. Regular deep cleaning is not only hygienic, it prevents the wear-down of your carpet over time.

When to hire a professional

  • Deep cleaning your carpets is no easy task, but it’s an important one. Spills and dirt are often left unnoticed in office environments and can lead to dust mites and bacteria. Invest in a professional carpet cleaning service such as Grandmother’s Touch to avoid costly carpet replacement. We can also restore any upholstered furniture in your office.
  • If this checklist looks overwhelming, hiring a reliable, professional commercial cleaning service may make the most sense. Grandmother’s Touch is happy to take cleaning off your to-do list.

Running an administrative office building or residential condo building is a lot of work. Let Grandmother’s Touch help keep your property safe, hygienic, and welcoming. We offer a wide variety of convenient commercial cleaning, maintenance, and restoration services to ensure that your building is always sparkling clean. Whether you need a one-time emergency service or weekly routine commercial office cleaning in Toronto, our team is committed to providing our clients friendly, detail-oriented service. Contact us for a quote today.