Returning to the Office: 5 Steps for a Thorough Office Deep Clean

Before returning to the office, make sure your space gets a thorough office deep clean. Check out our tips on properly cleaning your workspace.

As offices begin reopening and employees prepare to shift away from remote work, it’s important to give your workspace a thorough office deep clean. Deep office cleaning means doing more than just vacuuming and washing coffee cups. For a deep clean, you’ll need to move furniture, steam clean floors, and polish objects and surfaces thoroughly.

Follow these steps to ensure a safe and hygienic work environment.

Step 1: Choose your cleaner wisely

Make sure to use the right disinfectant for the job. Here’s a few of our favorites:

  • Alcohol-based cleaners. These cleaners don’t usually stain surfaces and do a good job of killing viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Keep in mind that while alcohol-based products can kill some viruses in only 30 seconds, they’re slow-acting against norovirus and other non-enveloped viruses. (Don’t worry – Covid-19 and influenza viruses are enveloped).
  • Ammonia. Never mix this with bleach. It’s typically found in window cleaner and is quick to evaporate, meaning it’s good if you need a streak-free clean. Ammonia works well on bacteria like E. Coli but isn’t as good on viruses.
  • Hydrogen peroxide. This works well on several different surfaces and kills viruses, fungi, and bacteria. It kills viruses in under 10 minutes, but can break down finishes, making it less than ideal for marble or granite.

Step 2: Clean and disinfect your space

Cleaning and disinfecting aren’t the same thing. Before any disinfecting can start, make sure to clean surfaces with soap and water. If a surface isn’t properly cleaned, disinfectant will absorb any dirt and oil on it, stopping the disinfectant from killing germs properly the first time.

Step 3: Make sure to ventilate

This tip is especially important if anyone had Covid-19 (or any respiratory illness) while at the office. To properly ventilate your workspace, section it off into separate areas, close them off and open the windows. Ventilating fans are vital as well. You’re trying to get rid of any respiratory droplets.

Step 4: Start from the top

For a proper office deep clean, make sure you’re cleaning top to bottom. This way you won’t be accidentally cleaning areas you’ve already covered or getting freshly cleaned surfaces dirty. It’s not a good idea to dust a shelf hanging over a freshly polished desk, for example.

Vacuuming and washing floors should be done last to ensure all the dirt that ended up on the floor is cleaned. Make sure all furniture is moved when vacuuming or mopping to avoid leaving any germs behind.

Step 5: Focus on high-touch areas

Frequently used objects and spaces should be cleaned thoroughly. These include keyboards and mice, phones, light switches, doorknobs, conference room tables and the kitchen fridge handle. Community office supplies like staplers should also be wiped down and disinfected.

Creating a safe space

For a clean and safe work environment, it’s essential to perform a thorough office deep clean. From cleaning high-touch areas to choosing the right disinfectant, a proper clean isn’t always easy. Sometimes, it’s best to call in the experts.

Let Grandmother’s Touch help keep your property safe, hygienic, and welcoming. We offer a wide variety of convenient commercial cleaning, maintenance, and restoration services to ensure that your building is always sparkling clean. Whether you need a one-time emergency service or weekly routine commercial office cleaning in Toronto, our team is committed to providing our clients friendly, detail-oriented service.

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