Top Tips on How to Improve Air Quality in a Commercial Building

Top Tips on How to Improve Air Quality in a Commercial BuildingBad smells, stuffiness and airborne allergens beware! Here’s our top tips on how to improve air quality in a commercial building.

You may sense a sharp smell or stuffiness in the air when you walk into your office, warehouse, or store. The foul smells may result from poor hygiene or the nature of the goods handled on the premises. Poor air quality can hurt your business by offending staff and customers. Fortunately, commercial cleaning services can clear most of the causes of poor air quality. 

Causes of poor air quality

Mould: Mould can develop in any building that is not cleaned and dried properly. However, the main cause of mould is moisture issues in the premises caused by structural damage or undetected leaks. Mould can also result from the items handled on the property, such as food that is prepared or packaged in the building. 

Smell: The main causes of strong smells are poor cleaning practices or mould issues. Foul smells can also result from the nature of your business if it involves using chemicals. 

Dust: If your workplace is not appropriately cleaned, dust can accumulate very fast. Dust build-up can cause allergies and choking. 

Germs: Germs accumulate if the property is not clean or the air filter system is not working properly. 

Humidity: Excess humidity causes unusual heaviness in the air and often results from poor air conditioning. Excess moisture also promotes the growth of molds. 

Dirt and debris: Dirt and debris can contaminate the air in industrial facilities, leading to poor air quality. 

How to improve the air quality in your commercial property

Cleaning surfaces regularly: Dirt on surfaces ends up in the air, leading to poor air quality. Hiring professional cleaning services will ensure all surfaces are impeccably clean, reducing the amount of dirt particles in the air.

Dust removal: Regular dusting adds more dust to the air. The key to proper dusting is using microfiber cloths that trap most of the dust. Always dust surfaces before vacuuming to minimize the dust particles blown into the air.

Vacuum with HEPA filters: Regular vacuuming puts dust and dirt in the air through the exhaust. HEPA filter vacuums capture all the dust, germs, and mold that would otherwise end up in the air.

Clean the HVAC system: Your HVAC system may be putting dust and dirt in the air. Regular commercial cleaning of the equipment will boost the air quality in your commercial property. Also, remember to change filters during HVAC maintenance.

Hire professionals

You can improve the air quality in your premises by following the above tips, but a commercial cleaner will do it more efficiently. Grandmother’s Touch has the equipment and experience needed to resolve all types of air quality problems. We serve businesses and properties in most of Southern Ontario. Contact us for further consultations on how to improve air quality in a commercial building.

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