How to Maintain Your Flooring in High Traffic Areas

How to Maintain Your Flooring in High Traffic AreasAvoid scuffs and stains by regularly cleaning your floors. See our tips on how to maintain your flooring in high-traffic areas.

High foot traffic is great news for your business, but not so great for your floors. Dirt, mud, abrasives, salt and oily residue build-up quickly – they not only make floors look shabby, but the debris can cause permanent damage.

Maintaining your flooring in high traffic areas isn’t that hard to do, it just requires some good old-fashioned elbow grease and a few mats. Here’s how to prevent those scuffs and stains and keep your floors looking their best.

Regular cleaning

Your first line of defence is regular cleaning. Entrances, lobbies, hallways and elevators may need to be cleaned every few hours, while other common areas may only need a daily cleaning schedule.

When you clean is important too. Schedule cleanings during off-peak hours when traffic is lightest so staff don’t have to try and constantly navigate around customers or tenants. It’s also safer, as it reduces the chances of a slip and fall accident because floors can dry without interference.

Once you’ve determined the right service frequency, it’s time to evaluate the flooring. Different kinds of flooring need to be cleaned differently. Hard surface floors like hardwood, vinyl or tile should be swept throughout the day to remove dirt and wet-cleaned to sanitize. Meanwhile, carpets should be vacuumed at least once per day to remove debris.

Investing in entryway mats

Walk-off mats are hands down the best way to capture dirt at entrances and exits and prevent it from spreading throughout the rest of the building. Not only do rugs and mats maintain your flooring in high traffic areas by trapping mud, water and large debris from peoples’ shoes, but they save money by reducing how often you need to clean. They also protect against permanent damage to your floors by preventing scuffs and scratches from salt, sand or other abrasive substances.

A few things to consider about mats and rugs:

  • Ensure they are secure, lay flat and don’t impede doors from opening or closing. A loose mat poses a dangerous tripping hazard.
  • Rugs should be deep cleaned or changed out at least once a month. Many companies have a professional rug cleaning service to assist with this.

Restorative or deep cleaning

Restorative cleaning is a more intense method of cleaning, often performed by a professional cleaning service, that removes built-up grime and stains and rejuvenates your floor to a like-new condition. This is often paired with re-surfacing or refinishing the floor.

An annual deep cleaning helps extend the longevity of your floors and improves its appearance. Regular cleaning is important to maintain your flooring in high traffic areas, but nothing makes your building shine like a restorative deep clean.

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