Top 3 Cleaning Tips For Your Office

janitorial cleaning servicesKeeping your office clean should never be a hassle.  Still, for most people, the state of your office is a good indicator of the quality of company you run – and whether they should work for or conduct business with you. This is why professional janitorial cleaning services by a quality janitorial company in Toronto, like Grandmother’s Touch, is so important to keep your business up and running offering top customer service.

Keep Public Areas Clean

It’s important that your clients get the best impression of your company the first and every time. A clean and neat business will not only impress your clients, but also increase their trust in your business, products, and services.

  • Public areas that your clients might see include lobbies, waiting rooms, meeting rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms.
  • These areas should always be kept dust- and stain-free.
  • If you have a carpet on the floor, it should be vacuumed at least once a week.

Keep Working Areas Clean Too

Numerous studies have concluded that a cleaner workplace leads to happier, more productive staff. A cleaner workspace also increases the health and safety of the employees that work in your commercial space.

  • Working areas that your employees might use include cubicle spaces, tables and desks, and private offices.
  • These areas should also be kept dust- and stain-free, including cleaning the cables from all electronics such as phones and computer cords.
  • Using a dust-repellent spray on most surfaces will ensure a dust-free area.

Disinfect Your Bathrooms

Besides providing your office with a clean look, disinfecting your bathrooms also creates a healthier environment for the employees that work in the office. Hiring a janitorial cleaning company in Toronto will save you a lot of time and hassle.

  • Collect all trash to place into appropriate waste receptacles and empty all trash cans.
  • Replace and fill up any paper towel, toilet paper, toilet seat covers, soap and other dispensers.
  • Sanitize, disinfect and clean all sinks, counters, toilets, urinals, stalls, cabinets, walls and doors.
  • Dust, clean and disinfect all mirrors, lights, vents, faucets, fans and light switches.
  • Clean floor drains to remove any odour-causing bacteria build-up.
  • Sweep, vacuum, mop, buffer and wax all office bathroom flooring.

Grandmother’s Touch: Commercial Cleaning And Janitorial Services In Toronto

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