Ask a Pro: Top Commercial Carpet Cleaning Tips

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Ask a Pro: Top Commercial Carpet Cleaning TipsFrom tackling stains to choosing the right deep cleaning technique: here are the best commercial carpet cleaning tips from a professional cleaner.

We’ll let you in on a dirty little secret: 85 percent of dirt and grime tracked into your business is dry and easily removed by vacuuming. However, the other 15% is oily and adheres to the carpet and must be removed by an annual deep clean.

To help you get the best results possible, here are our best commercial carpet cleaning tips.

Proper maintenance and cleaning keep your carpet looking great and will prolong its lifespan. Without it, carpet naturally flattens and discolours due to daily wear and tear. To prevent matting and soiling, we recommend a three-step maintenance plan consisting of:

  1. regular vacuuming
  2. spot treatment
  3. deep cleaning

Step 1: Vacuum

Cleaning frequency

As far as commercial carpet cleaning tips go, this is one of the most important. Frequent vacuuming reduces allergens and removes surface soil before it can work its way into the carpet pile. Heavy traffic areas should be vacuumed from one to three times a day, while lower traffic areas require a less intensive schedule – every other day is fine.

Vacuuming speed

You can’t rush to the finish line when vacuuming. To pick up as much debris as possible, make long, slow passes over the carpet.

Machine maintenance

Overly full vacuums don’t work effectively, so canisters and bags should be emptied when they fill up half to three-quarters full. If your vacuum has a manual height adjustment feature, make sure the head is snug against the carpet.

Step 2: Spot Removal

Know thy enemy

There are five different kinds of stains – protein, oil, tannin, dye and combination – all requiring different treatments methods. (That’s probably one of our best commercial carpet cleaning tip for you right there!) For a handy itemized list of recommended stain removal techniques, we recommend you check out the Cleaning Institute’s stain removal guide.

Less is more

Spot cleaning can minimize damage if the spill is cleaned up quickly and properly. Press down firmly using a clean white rag or paper towel to absorb any excess liquid. Don’t rub because this can damage the fibers and drive the spill deep into the carpet, out of reach. Once the area is damp, lightly spray your spot remover of choice over the stain and blot from the outside in to avoid further spreading residue.

Step 3: Deep clean

Choosing the right option

The type of carpet you have and how it was installed will determine if you should use a wet or dry deep cleaning method.

  • Stretch in: carpet is installed under tension over a cushion, using tack strips fastened at all walls.
  • Direct glue-down: carpet is glued directly to the floor. This is the most popular way to install commercial carpeting. Because the adhesive can be damaged by excessive moisture or result in mould growth, it’s best to engage a professional cleaner who will use a low or no-moisture deep cleaning method.

There are many ways to revitalize your tired commercial carpet including dry foam cleaning, encapsulation, injection/extraction, shampooing and bonnet cleaning.

Cleaning frequency

The typical office building may only require deep cleaning once or twice a year, but those in manufacturing, hospitality and food service may want to invest in quarterly deep cleaning to keep up with greater wear and tear.

Running an administrative office or residential condo building is a lot of work. Let Grandmother’s Touch help keep your property safe, hygienic, and welcoming. We offer a wide variety of convenient commercial cleaning, maintenance, and restoration services to ensure that your building is always sparkling clean. Whether you need a one-time emergency service or weekly routine commercial office cleaning in Toronto, our team is committed to providing our clients friendly, detail-oriented service. Contact us for a quote today.