Why it’s Better to Outsource Flood Damage Restoration Work to Professionals

Flood PreparationOne of the most common forms of damage found in homes and commercial spaces in Mississauga is water damage. Water damage can be caused due to so many reasons: from a leaky pipe to flooding due to heavy rain. Additionally, the extent of water damage can be very deceiving as it can be absorbed by the building, such as wood.

Flooding in commercial spaces can be very detrimental businesses. If left untreated, water damage can result in numerous problems, including lost revenue and crippling repair costs. It might be tempting to fix the damage yourself, but when it comes to a flood clean-up it is best to work with a professional flood damage restoration team. An experienced team will help counter corrosion and damage that can result from flooding.

Here is the biggest reason to hire a professional team for flood clean-up.

Identifying Problems Caused by Flooding

After a flood, carpet and floorboards can be structurally compromised and begin to accumulate mould. A professional flood restoration team will know where to look for damage and potential issues. We don’t just follow the obvious signs of damage; we know where trouble-spots can hide. Think your walls are fine? Water can seep through baseboards and reduce the structural integrity of your walls.

Finding and Alleviating Mould

Once a flood has mould infestation, it is very difficult to control. Simply by treating areas that show obvious signs of mould is not enough! Air ducts, plumbing, and carpets will all hide mould build-up. They can be very harmful to your employees. Mould doesn’t just spread through physical contact, it can transmit through air particles too. Make sure you don’t become liable for a poor indoor air quality lawsuit.

Flood Damage Restoration Professionals Can Help Identify Insurance Claims

Knowing the terms of your insurance policy is crucial to receiving compensation when water damage occurs. While every insurance policy offers varying degrees of water damage coverage, most insurance policies cover damage where the cause of loss was “sudden and accidental.” This can include everything from a burst pipe to a sewage backup to a natural disaster flood. Reputable flood damage professionals will help your insurance claim be assessed correctly.

Grandmother’s Touch: Flooded Basement Clean-Up for Your Business

Grandmother’s Touch is a commercial cleaning company in Toronto that offers water damage restoration for businesses. Our trained staff are fully equipped to handle all types of flooding emergencies in a professional and timely manner.

We work all major insurers and will help you through your insurance claim paperwork. We will be able to advise you on what corrective action is best for you.

Call our expert team to get help with your flooded basement clean-up or any other water damage event.

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