Why Cleaning & Restoration Services Are Best Left To The Professionals

professional office cleaning servicesAlthough you may be tempted to clean up the damage right away caused by a plumbing leak or flooding at your business, water damage restoration is a job best left to the professionals. Without proper flood damage restoration, floods and leaks can leave you with severe and expensive complications, such as electrical hazards, structural damage, and even growth of hazardous mold.

Here are just a few things to keep in mind that our expert team is trained to handle in the event of a flood:

Electrical Damage

When you have experienced a flood, one of the things you should keep in mind is damage to any electrical wiring, gas lines, and appliances. It’s important to turn off all your utilities to prevent electrical shock, gas leaks, or irreversible harm to any appliances (such as microwaves in staff kitchens). By hiring water damage specialists, such as our expert team at Grandmother’s Touch, you can avoid possible harm to both you and your employees, as well as damage to any appliances.

Mold Problems

Serious mold problems are highly dangerous and can threaten the health of the people who work at your property. Health aside, a business that’s seriously affected by mold is uninhabitable and could even be condemned. By hiring water damage specialists, such as the expert team at Grandmother’s Touch, you can rest easy knowing that the problem has been addressed in its entirety and that your health and property are protected.

Hardwood Floor Damage

If you have hardwood floors in your commercial space, flood damage can deform your floors beyond repair if not treated quickly. To prevent damage from occurring, the wood flooring and subflooring must be completely dried. When you hire our water damage specialists, we will use specialized tools that reveal less obvious sources of water damage to your business, in order to address the whole problem as quickly as possible.

Grandmother’s Touch: Office Cleaning Services In Toronto & Water Damage Restoration

Grandmother’s Touch offers office cleaning services in Toronto as well as water damage restoration. Our 24/7 emergency team is here to help take care of any flood damage restoration in order to get you back on track after a flood. If you’re looking for water damage restoration as well as office cleaning services in Toronto, Grandmother’s Touch can fulfill a wide variety of needs, regardless of the type or size of a project. Contact us today to find out how we can help fulfill your needs through our custom cleaning services.

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