How To Find The Best Commercial Cleaning Company in Toronto?

Janitorial Services MississaugaIn order to keep both your employees and clients happy one of the most important things you should do is to create an office environment that is an inviting and attractive place.

One of the most effective ways you can achieve this goal is by keeping a thoroughly clean and neat office space by hiring an office cleaning company in Toronto.

Here are just a few top questions to ask yourself in order to help you find the best and most reliable office cleaning company in Toronto:

Does The Company Offer Flexibility In Their Schedule?

  • A professional and reliable company that provides services in office cleaning in Toronto will effectively work around your schedule.
  • These companies will offer flexibility to come in to clean your office whenever you need them to, including after hours and into the night, in order to save you time and money.
  • At Grandmother’s Touch, we offer around the clock service and customized cleaning packages that won’t disrupt your work day.
  • For facilities where ongoing cleaning throughout the day is required, such as shopping centres, high volume office buildings, etc., we even offer day porter services for your convenience.
  • Aside from bathroom maintenance and daily cleaning, day porters follow a specific set of tasks along while also being available for those unexpected emergency clean-ups.

Will The Company Keep Your Employees Healthy And Happy?

  • A professional company that offers services in commercial cleaning in Toronto should be doing more than just vacuuming and cleaning out a wastebasket. They should be cleaning effectively enough to keep your employees healthy and happy.
  • A cleaner workplace is a safer and healthier workplace, with professional cleaners having the expertise to eliminate breeding sites for everything from germs and bacteria to pests and rodents.
  • Office cleaning in Toronto can also help to reduce the number of on-site and workplace injuries as well as provide a more organized and neat space for employees to work more effectively at their jobs.

What Are The Company’s Employee Training And Screening Practices?

  • When choosing the right professional cleaning company for you, it’s important to know how they screen and hire their employees. You want to be sure that the crew they’re sending over to clean your office behaves professionally and knows how to do the job properly.
  • At Grandmother’s Touch we guarantee to only employ highly trained individuals who are insured and bonded, have undergone specialized training (such as equipment and product handling and use), and are WHMIS certified.

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Grandmother’s Touch: Offering Clients High-Quality Commercial Cleaning Services in Toronto

As an office cleaning company in Toronto, Grandmother’s Touch has over 20 years of experience offering round-the-clock, customized services in office cleaning in Toronto that won’t disrupt your work day, regardless of the type or size of the project. Contact us today to find out how we can help fulfill your needs through our comprehensive cleaning services.

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