3 Ways You Can Keep Your Office Clean During The Winter

commercial cleaning serviceDon’t let the frightful weather outside this season get you down. While the winter can pose some unique challenges in keeping your business clean and dry, it’s important to make sure you maintain your commercial space for your professional image and employee health and safety.

At Grandmother’s Touch, we offer office cleaning in Toronto and the surrounding GTA, including janitorial cleaning services. Our team are experts in office cleaning services in Mississauga and the GTA and are highly trusted by the clients we work with. Here are the top ways we recommend that you can use to keep your office space clean this winter:

Keeping Floors Clean & Slip-free

One of the most important things to keep clean this winter season is your floors. Regular mopping and vacuuming, on top of other floor and carpet cleaning services by professionals, not only helps to prevent slips and falls on wet floors, but also protects your floors from damage due to debris such as salt, slush, dirt, and mud. Additionally, try using a regular rotation of heavy-duty entryway rugs and mats to capture most of the inevitable snow, slush, and ice that get tracked into your office.

Shining Up The Windows

You might not think too much of wanting to wash your windows in the winter, but regularly removing accumulated grime has multiple benefits. The most obvious benefit is that clean windows make an office more attractive looking, which is a big boost to your professional image. Clean windows allow natural sunlight to shine in, creating a higher air quality in the office, absorbing excess moisture on floors and in carpeting.

Disinfecting Shared Spaces

Using non-toxic cleaning products and disinfectants, such as the products used by professional cleaning companies like Grandmother’s Touch, can help to stop the spread of germs and bacteria in the office during the winter months. By doing things such as wiping down door handles, conference tables and chairs, workstations and other shared spaces on a daily basis, this will help to keep your employees safe, healthy and happy.

Grandmother’s Touch: Janitorial & Office Cleaning Services In Mississauga & Throughout The GTA

Don’t let the winter blues get you down this season! Grandmother’s Touch has over 19 years of experience offering office cleaning in Toronto and the surrounding GTA. If you’re looking for office cleaning services in Mississauga and the GTA, Grandmother’s Touch can fulfill a wide variety of needs, regardless of the type or size of the project. Contact us today to find out how we can help fulfill your needs through our comprehensive janitorial cleaning services.

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