The Benefits of a Clean Workspace According to Science

benefits of a clean workspace

Is your office so dirty staff take extra-long lunches just to escape? If so, it’s time to uncover the benefits of a clean workspace.

Having a clean and organized work environment can have a measurable impact on your business’s bottom line. The benefits of a clean workspace are surprising. Hiring professional cleaners to clean and disinfect common areas together with workspaces can boost productivity, motivation and even job satisfaction. 

A filthy, grim workplace can really sap the life out of an office worker. A survey asked workers how the cleanliness of their office affected them: Workers in dirty offices said their surroundings made them less productive. Many said they took longer lunch breaks or spent less time in the office, while others said they stayed home on sick leave because they found their offices so depressing. 

But a hygienic workplace, with regular cleaners, good kitchen facilities and sparkling bathrooms, can have an equally strong positive effect. In terms of the benefits of a clean workspace, over half of respondents said they looked forward to coming into work and reported that they worked harder thanks to having a better-organized office. 

Increase efficiency

A neat and tidy workspace means employees can quickly find the tools and materials they need throughout the day and waste less time hunting for a working pen or important reference material. More time dedicated to actual work means everyone is more productive. 

Improve concentration

One point for the minimalists. A Princeton University study had participants try and solve an impossible puzzle – one group worked at a spotless desk, another group at a desk filled with clutter. The clean-desk crew stuck it out for longer. The researchers found that clutter overwhelmed people’s visual cortex, making it difficult to direct and sustain attention to complete the assigned task efficiently. Encouraging staff to organize and de-clutter their desks daily can improve productivity by eliminating distractions and allowing them to better concentrate. 

Reduce stress 

It’s not just clutter that triggers stress and anxiety. Offices with poor natural lighting and air quality contribute to low mood and poor mental health in staff, affecting brain function and stress levels. While a large part of this is determined by office and HVAC design/performance, regular cleaning focusing on dusting and windows can maximize lighting and reduce airborne particles. 

Reduce the number of employee sick days

Unsurprisingly, the average number of sick days Canadian employees in the private sector are taking off has increased since the onset of Covid-19, increasing from 8.3 days in 2016 to 10.5 days in 2020. In 2016, all this lost time cost the Canadian economy an estimated $16.5 billion. 

Everyone is now acutely aware of the difference between airborne and surface transmission of bacteria and viruses. High-touch surfaces like elevator buttons, phones, toilets, door handles and kitchen counters are the standard culprits for cross-transmission between ill and healthy individuals. Surprisingly though, the average desk hosts more than 10 million bacteria, 400 times more germs than a toilet seat. 

It’s important to regularly clean the entire work environment to help keep germs under control and reduce the spread of disease. Healthier staff taking fewer sick days is good for both employers and employees. 

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