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Do I Really Need to Outsource for Office Cleaning Services?

Outside of your home, work is where you likely spend the majority of your time. In the same way you take care of your house, you must keep your office in clean working order too. However, with so much on your plate, you and your teams can’t expect to keep an entire building tidy. That’s why businesses turn to commercial cleaning services. Not only will this free up staff time to focus on more strategic work but hiring an office cleaning services company in Toronto comes with a whole host of benefits.

Reduce Your Spending on Staff Sick Time

In Canada, the average worker takes about nine sick days per year. The salary cost for these lost days translates into a $16.6 billion hit for the economy. You can limit this spending in your workplace by providing a clean and healthy working environment. A professional cleaning company will ensure your office is germ-free. Plus, a clean workspace will prevent trips, falls, and other accidents that could result in more sick time and a bigger spend.

End the Stress of Managing Your Own Cleaning Team

Let’s be honest — few of us enjoy the people side of management. Hiring an internal janitorial team means you have more people to manage, more supply orders, more health and safety concerns, and more stress. Instead, commercial cleaning companies in Toronto will take care of those headaches for you. They’ll bring their own supplies, are trained in health and safety, and manage their own janitorial services team. You’ll be less stressed knowing you can leave office cleaning to the pros.

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Improve Employee Productivity

A clean desk is a productive desk. Studies on workplace productivity show that there’s a direct link between office cleanliness and employee efficiency. When your office is tidy and organized, your employees will feel focused without the distraction of clutter. Cleaning services companies in Toronto will ensure your office remains spotless so that your teams can improve their work — and your business. 

Leave a Lasting Impression

Whether you welcome stakeholders, investors, clients, or politicians into your office, first impressions are essential. The same holds for job candidates visiting your office for the first time. Nothing is more embarrassing than a grimy lobby or unsanitary bathroom. An office cleaning services company ensures your Toronto business is always spotless for guests so you can leave a positive first impression.

At Grandmother’s Touch, we’ve been providing office cleaning services in Toronto for more than 20 years. Companies keep turning to us because of our custom commercial cleaning services and top-notch customer interactions. From high dusting to carpet cleaning and all the services in-between, we’ll ensure you make the most of your office cleaning investment and leave your workplace spotless. Contact us for a free estimate so you can start enjoying the benefits of a clean office.