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Will Office Cleaning Services Improve Your Workplace’s Air Quality?

The sneezes and coughs of cold and flu season remind us about the importance of air quality. Considering how much time you spend at work, germs and other particles in the air can make it an unpleasant and unhealthy place. With the help of an office cleaning company in Brampton and the GTA, you can improve your business’ air quality so that your employees, customers and guests will feel safe and healthy.

There’s Something in the Air

Many different elements contribute to poor air quality. Some of them, such as smells and humidity, you will be able to notice on your own. But other contributors are not as visible and can only be eliminated with regular janitorial services. Here’s a quick run down on what could be impacting your air quality at work:

  • Germs: Beyond flu season, germs in the air can take a toll on your business, resulting in sick employees and higher costs for you.
  • Dust: If your staff is sneezing, it may not be from germs. Dust isn’t always visible, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there.
  • Smells: Some smells may be normal in your business (such as a restaurant or manufacturing plant) but foul smells may be the result of poor cleaning or even a mould issue.
  • Mould: Without a professional cleaning services company, many Brampton businesses have exposed themselves to mould. Food service companies in Brampton and those with humidity issues are prone to mould, which will directly affect the health of your staff — and your business! Learn more about mould remediation.
  • Dirt: Not only is dirt unsightly for visitors to your workplace, it can also get into the air causing irritation in your eyes, nose and even your lungs.
  • Humidity: This heaviness and moisture in the air can cause issues with mould and affect people with certain health conditions.
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How to Enhance the Air Quality

With the help of a commercial cleaning services company, your Brampton business can rectify the above issues and improve its air quality. Here are some ways the cleaners will help:

  • Dusting: It’s a task that nobody likes but will go a long way in improving the air. A commercial cleaning company in Brampton can also reach high places that you can’t and will capture dust from top to bottom.
  • Wiping surfaces: Particles on your workplace equipment, furniture and tools will end up in the air. Regular surface cleaning can tackle the dust, debris and germs that are affecting your air quality.
  • Vacuuming: Vacuums without HEPA filters redistribute particles back into the air. Professional cleaners use equipment that collects and traps this dust.

At Grandmother’s Touch, we have more than 20 years of experience in providing commercial cleaning for companies in Brampton and the GTA. If you’re concerned about the air quality in your workplace and are looking for a deep clean, contact us to get a free quote. We also offer custom office cleaning, carpet cleaning and floor maintenance services.