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Professional Office Cleaning Services in Etobicoke, ON

Five Target Areas in Your Business that Demand a Deep Clean

If you think your workplace looks clean, think again! While it may seem spotless at surface level, dust, dirt and often mould could be lurking. If you’re located in Etobicoke or the GTA, a commercial cleaning company like Grandmother’s Touch of Etobicoke can help you spot the areas where grime is hiding. An investment into office cleaning services will not only make a great impression among your clients, it will also keep your employees healthy too. Here are the top five areas in every workplace that are in need of professional cleaning services.


Your staff spend enough time cleaning their own kitchen at home, which is why the workplace kitchen is often forgotten. For this reason, spilled drinks and spoiled food will often go untouched longer than they should. Not to mention those mystery containers in the fridge! Etobicoke professional cleaners will ensure its spotless. They’ll also tackle the backsplash, counters and sink where food can build up in the grout. They’ll ensure the trash cans and recycling bins are wiped down, along with the inside of your cupboards and drawers. Not only will your team enjoy eating in a cleaner kitchen, you’ll prevent pest issues too.


You may think your office walls are clean, but this is only because they gather dirt more slowly than the floors. Plus, walls that aren’t wiped down often may change colour and stain. Office cleaning services will ensure your walls are scrubbed monthly especially in high-traffic areas and in the bathroom.


Curtains in your workplace could be collecting just as much dust and dirt as your floors. This is especially true in retail stores that see high traffic and restaurants where food and steam may discolour the fabric. A monthly wash of your curtains will keep them looking fresh and clean and limit the dirt they collect.


Even if your floors are given regular cleaning attention, it’s time to look at your baseboards. Since they’re often painted white, it should be easy to spot the dust. Remember that baseboards are a hotbed for dirt and should be wiped weekly.


A daily clean of your bathrooms will keep them in good repair, but our Etobicoke commercial cleaning services can target some hidden areas. The inside of garbage cans and personal hygiene containers need to be wiped down, not just emptied. Toilet bowls require a good scrub to remove stains and keep them sparkling. Plus, backsplashes and doors need regular attention to complete the deep clean.

Grandmother’s Touch is a professional office cleaning services company with more than 20 years of experience in providing commercial cleaning for businesses in Etobicoke and the GTA. If you’re looking for commercial office cleaning services, contact us to get a free quote. We also offer mould remediation, carpet cleaning and floor maintenance services.