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How To Keep Your Milton Business Tidy In-Between Cleaning Services Visits

Office cleaning services in Milton can make a huge difference in keeping your workplace sparkling. You can extend the life of each cleaning with a few simple tasks. In the same way that you’d pick up after yourself in-between house cleaning service visits at home, encourage your employees to pitch in at work.

Here are some ways that your teams can keep your Milton workplace tidy until your commercial cleaning services company returns.

Empty Trash

Overflowing garbage bins are unsightly for visitors to your workplace. Encourage employees to take out the trash on days when commercial cleaning services do not visit. This is extra important for bins in the kitchen or common areas where food waste may create a strong odour or attract pests.

Label Food

Whether your staff keep food in the fridge or pantry, ask them to label it. Keep markers in the kitchen so employees can write their name and date on each item. This will make it easier to determine which food items are expired and need to be thrown out. Make this cleanout a regular task, not something that takes place only when your commercial cleaning services arrive.

Change Shoes

Cleaning services companies will vacuum and mop the floors of Milton businesses during each visit. A deeper clean, however, usually takes place only a few times a year. You can help extend the life of your office’s carpets and floors by wearing indoor shoes at work. This will prevent winter salt and brine from damaging your floors, and limit the dirt that staff bring into the office.

Sanitize Often

Preventing the spread of germs at work is important year-round. Cleaning services providers in Milton will agree that disinfectant wipes, sanitizing gel and hand soap should be stocked regularly for staff use. Not only will this help to limit germs, it will also go a long way in preventing lost productivity from staff who get sick.

At Grandmother’s Touch, we have more than 20 years of experience in providing commercial cleaning services for companies in Milton and the GTA. If you’re looking for a office cleaning services company in Milton, contact us to get a free quote. While we don’t currently offer house cleaning services, we do serve apartment building and condo complexes with cleaning services for common areas. We also offer carpet cleaning and floor maintenance services in the Milton area.