How to Keep Your Office or Facility Clean This Fall

Here’s how to keep your office clean and in tip-top shape, as everyone heads inside to escape the cold, messy fall and winter weather.

Dropping temperatures mean a rash of messy weather is on its way with blowing leaves, gritty slush and torrential downpours making it tough to keep an office clean. Adding these items to your fall and winter cleaning can help ensure a first-rate experience
for staff and customers alike.

Deep Clean for Flawless Floors

Fall is an  ideal time to call in the professionals to do a deep clean before winter holiday traffic picks up. Hard-surface flooring requires a different cleaning method than soft carpets. Hard floors should receive a thorough mopping and polishing. Be
sure to tackle any visible damage that occurred over the summer, like removing major scuffs and spills. If your building has carpets or area rugs, professional cleaners can perform a deep cleaning wash to remove debris, stains and germs trapped deep inside.

How to Keep Your Office or Facility Clean This Fall

Do a Detailed Dusting

Break out the ladder or the extendible duster – it’s time to go dust-bunny hunting. It’s not feasible to dust every nook and cranny during regular cleanings, but tackling hard-to-reach areas can help improve air quality and quickly freshen up the look of the space. Be sure to wipe down:

  • fan blades
  • light fixtures
  • vents
  • baseboards and crown moulding
  • door frames, elevators
  • artificial plants
  • blinds
  • shelves and tops of cabinets

Protect Your Entryways with Floormats

If you don’t have them already, invest in mats for your entryways and exits to keep the office clean. Most professional cleaners recommend this as one of the top ways to prevent people from tracking water, dirt, snow and salt into your building. Mats capture the dirt and moisture and keep it localized to the entrance so it doesn’t spread, ensuring floors are cleaner and less slippery.

Inspect Gutters and Drains

Property insurance claims due to water damage are on the rise in Canada. Having a professional inspect and clean your facility’s gutters and drainage system can help reduce flooding and leaks.

Pressure Wash Outside Elements

Commercial pressure washing uses a high-pressure jet of water and detergent to clean exterior surfaces without damaging the brick or concrete. Commercial building exteriors, entrances, sidewalks and dumpster areas should be power washed once or twice a year to remove seasonal debris, dirt, mould, mildew and bird droppings, which can eat away at the outside of the building – not to mention impact curb appeal. It’s important to ensure the job is done in mild weather with lots of sunshine so the building dries properly.

Wash Your Windows

Cleaning windows inside and out prevents weakening and chipping not only of the glass but damage to the frame as well, which can result in leaks and condensation. Clean windows also let in more light, improving mood and productivity for those working inside the building.


There’s a lot to tackle to keep an office clean. A good portion of deep cleaning in the fall and winter requires working at heights and with special equipment, so don’t be afraid to call in the pros. Running an administrative office or residential condo building is a lot of work. Let Grandmother’s Touch help keep your property safe, hygienic, and welcoming. We offer a wide variety of convenient commercial cleaning, maintenance, and restoration services to ensure that your building is always sparkling clean. Whether you need a one-time emergency service or weekly routine commercial office cleaning in Toronto, our team is committed to providing our clients friendly, detail-oriented service. Contact us for a quote today.