6 Tips For Floor Maintenance Before And During Winters

Did you know that your flooring is one of your most important and expensive assets of your commercial space? Therefore, it’s so important to protect your flooring as much as possible. Winter is the costliest season for floor maintenance due to things like dirt, small pebbles, slush, ice, salt, etc.

As winter approaches, you must have a plan in place to take care of your floors and protect them from the effects of snow, ice melting compounds and dirt. One of the best ways you can do this is by hiring a commercial cleaning services in Mississauga to take care of your floors and keep them in the best condition possible.

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Here are 6 proactive suggestions to take care of your floors, before winter takes care of them, while utilizing a cleaning company in Mississauga on top of your own measures.

Early Protective Coating For Your Floor

Do a light scrub and re-coat of floors with a quality floor finish before the first snowfall. An early protective coat will help you get through the winter months.

Extra Matting At Doorways

Put extra matting at all entryways and doorways. This will help keep ice melt compounds and moisture from being tracked into other parts of your building.

Use A Wet Vacuum To Your Advantage

On harsh winter days, you can use a wet vacuum on your matting to avoid tracking in salt and moisture. It will also help reduce slips and falls and eliminate foul odors from moisture building up below the matting.

Help Clean Your Exterior And Interior Matting

Using a winter ice melt neutralizer solution in an automatic scrubber or carpet extractor, you can provide extra cleaning to your exterior and interior matting. This will help get rid of the white haze on matting and should prevent ice melt residue from being tracked into your building.

Use A Winter Floor Neutralizing Solution

On winter days when ice melt is applied outside, switch your daily neutral cleaner solution to a winter floor neutralizing solution. Neutral cleaners are not as effective as neutralizing solutions in removing ice melt compounds.

Keep Your Mopping Solution Fresh

For best results, keep the mopping solution clean and change out your winter neutralizing solution frequently on the hardest of days.

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