3 Reasons Time Is Of The Essence During A Flood

flood damage restorationWater damage in an office space can quickly go from bad to worse if not handled properly. Without proper flood and water damage restoration, floods can leave you with severe complications, such as hazardous mold and bacteria growth. Additionally, flood damage can lead to expensive repair costs both initially and down the road if left untreated, on top of lost business revenue.

Working with a water damage restoration company is the best choice you can make when dealing with flood damage. Grandmother’s Touch has over 19 years of experience specializing in flood and water damage restoration in the Toronto area. If you experience flood or water damage, be sure to make us your first call to quickly address the situation! Here are a few complications you can experience if you aren’t quick to act in the event of a flood:

Mold Damage

One of the biggest threats after a flood is mold. Mold can grow in as little time as 24-48 hours after water damage has occurred. Exposure to mold can cause many health concerns, including wheezing, coughing and shortness of breath. Mold is especially harmful to any employees who might suffer from any breathing conditions already, such as asthma. On top of serious health concerns, mold can also do damage to the structure of your commercial space by eating away at the building materials.

Bad Odours

Everything is touched and damaged in the event of a flood. The smell from flooded clothing, furniture and carpet is like the smell you get from leaving your clothes in the washing machine overnight, but worse, and harder to remove. This is where a flood and water damage restoration expert, like Grandmother’s Touch, can be very helpful to have on sight right away and use the right products to target and eliminate bad odors caused by flood damage.

Pathogen Growth

Floods can easily lead to the spread of bacteria and germs to all your employees, which could add to serious health consequences. For example, if you’ve flooded from a sewer line break, or if your whole area has flooded, there will likely be sewer material absorbed into all your employees’ possessions. This could lead to serious health concerns for your employees, including possible hospitalization if deadly.

Grandmother’s Touch: Offering Water Damage Restoration Services Near You

Have you recently experienced flood and water damage? Don’t hesitate any longer to give us a call to get your business back on its feet today! As a water damage restoration company, our team will get you back on track after a flood with our 24/7 flood damage restoration emergency team. Contact us today to find out how we can help fulfill your needs!

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